2015 Late Harvest Riesling

2015 Late Harvest Riesling

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Our riesling vines are planted adjacent to the Tukituki river. In 2015 this proximity to the water gave plenty of misty mornings followed by our usual hot dry days, ideal conditions for noble botrytis. We left the riesling out late to encourage this development, and then made a bunch selection to produce this wine in the German Auslese style: plenty of characteristic honey notes maximised by a slow, cold pressing, then married to the varietal riesling flavours maximised by a slow, cold fermentation of the clarified juice.
Fermentation was cold-stopped at a residual sugar of 82g/L, balancing the great natural acidity achieved on this stony site.

Riesling creates a bit of confusion due to the many styles it is made in: this one is sweeter than our others. An aperitif if you need sweetening up, fruit-based desserts are great, and excellent with sweeter desserts or blue cheese without being a full-on 'sticky' - it still won't work with ice-cream. My personal preference is as a pretty delicious dessert substitute all by itself - plus pulling a cork is far less work than preparing another course.

There's no need to over-chill, you'll just dull the flavours - about 15 minutes in the fridge is fine.

Only 20 cases produced. The great German variety is often considered the best of all white wines for cellaring - do yourself a favour and put some aside.