2014 Riesling

2014 Riesling

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Our riesling vines are planted adjacent to the Tukituki river. In 2014 this proximity to the water gave misty mornings, followed by hot dry days, and a proportion of noble botrytis developed. The resulting characteristic honey notes form a natural combination with varietal riesling flavours, which were maximised by a slow, cold fermentation of clarified juice.
Fermentation was cold-stopped at a residual sugar of 56g/L, balancing the great natural acidity achieved on this stony site.

Riesling creates a bit of confusion due to the many styles it is made in, so here's my take on this one: it's perfect as an aperitif on a sunny afternoon, a great accompaniment to seafood or summer salads containing anything that gives a bit of fruit sweetness - mango, pomegranate, nectarine - that sort of thing. Sweet enough to work with fruit-based desserts if they have a bit of acidity and are not too sweet, but it's by no means a true dessert wine - it won't work with ice-cream.

There's no need to over-chill, you'll just dull the flavours - about 15 minutes in the fridge is fine.

62 cases produced. The great German variety is often considered the best of all white wines for cellaring - do yourself a favour and put some aside.