Akarangi winemaking

We make wine in a relatively traditional way. It is our intention to make the best wines we can, wines that will age well, and wines which reflect our unique environment. 

Precise viticulture is a prerequisite to producing great wine, and we want to keep inputs minimal to retain as much of the individual character of our site as possible.

To this end, we do almost everything by hand, irrigation and fertilisation are very seldom used, yield is severely limited , canopy-management is favoured over spray programs, vines are manually pruned to individual requirements and all fruit is hand-selected to ensure only the very best grapes from the vineyard reach the winery.

Once the fruit hits the winery, the extraction process is key. Our aim is to achieve a gentle extraction in a relatively oxidative environment. To this end we do not use must pumps at all, solely use a traditional basket press, and all of our reds are hand-plunged. This is a far less efficient method than modern pumps and airbag presses, but the slower, more gentle traditional approach allows us to achieve the extraction we want, and means less need for fining additives later.

All of our red wines are aged traditionally in French oak barrels for at least 12 months before minimal fining and filtration, and bottling on site.