Our Vineyards

Chardonnay budburst, Akarangi Matau Vineyard

Akarangi is a 6.5 hectare property situated in the Tukituki valley, within the Te Mata Special Character Zone, the first area in New Zealand to be recognised and legally protected for its viticultural value. The area under vine is closer to 3 hectares, making us one of the smallest producers in Hawke's Bay, and there have been vines here since the 1970s, making us one of the oldest producers in the Havelock North sub-region (with the obvious and major exception of Te Mata Estate, New Zealand's oldest winery).

There are two very distinct areas of vineyard at Akarangi:

Our Mauī (left) vineyard sits in a sheltered miniature valley of former Tukituki riverbed. It's full of stones (see the current riverbed below) - an extremely free-draining soil structure with limited nutrient availability and superior heat accumulation characteristics.The extra heat allows us to achieve full flavour and phenolic maturity of later-ripening varieties such as syrah and particularly cabernet sauvignon - something that is only possible in certain parts of Hawke's Bay.

Our Matau (right) vineyard contains a higher percentage of clay, more similar to other parts of the highly regarded Havelock Hills. This is still relatively free-draining soil, but is cooler, with significantly higher levels of plant nutrients; conditions ideal for the earlier-ripening varieties, such as merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and chardonnay, which produce well-balanced, rich, full-bodied wines from this site.  

matau vineyard