About Us

About us - Akarangi church

'Us' is the Osborne family. We have owned and operated Akarangi in Havelock North since 1981, and the Kiddle side of the family has been in the Tukituki valley since the 1950s; there are 4 generations of us wandering around these parts now.

We grow our grapes, make our wine, and package and sell it on the premises. Our cellar door / tasting room is a relocated former Hawke's Bay church - a 19th century native timber building which served the Clive Presbyterian parish before being moved here - a happy coincidence, with the Akarangi name, which translates from te reo Māori as 'vines of the heavens', existing before the church was brought here.

We aim to do as much as we can ourselves - in the vineyard and winery this is a means of maintaining full control of the process and ensuring quality - but it also applies to everything we do - hand-carved signs, stained glass windows - we want to provide a setting as individual as our wines. We're about as far as you can get from the big commercial wineries, and we appreciate every visitor we get out here - so please feel free to come for a visit and tasting, and see something a bit different in our little part of the world.